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We create all kinds of things

Lime Train is an organization dedicated to encouraging collaboration between independent artists in order to inspire our society.
Lime Train is an organization that acts as a community; we support artists while artists support each other - like one big family. We feature filmmakers, writers, actors, visual artists,singers, musicians, youtubers, and all others. And most of all, we create works that inspire others, send out a message, give a voice for one, and/or entertain.
There are five departments: Film, Acting, Music, Visual, and Writing
We create all kinds of things: animations, short films, music videos, books, etc. Our prime goal is to create together, but we will also be submitting our works to film festivals and competitions. 80% of whatever we win or earn will be donated to selected charity organizations and 20% will be kept to fund our projects.
Lime Train’s E (entertainment) department provides entertainment news and book/film/TV reviews. "Lime Train the Podcast" will resume on Christmas!
By joining, you will be constantly interacting and working with other artists. You will gain experience in different fields and will be able to explore different styles of stories and art in a safe, supportive environment.

Join the organization, a small community as of now, and help us expand and reach out to other artists around the world. Don’t miss it.
It's hard to change the world alone. We need your help! You can help us by 1. joining and creating with us + 2. donating. You don't have to donate to be a part of Lime Train, but donations are how we are able to continuously create more legendary projects and develop this organization. As a classic Beatles album would say: "HELP!"
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